Top Things You Should avoid while Guest Post Outreaching

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging is the practice of contributing a write-up or post to someone else’s blog. It is done in order to gain exposure, authority, relationships and links.

Guest posting helps building a relationship with the blogger and their audience whose website is hosting your post. It enables the author to access the blogger’s audience and increase backlinks to their website.

Top Things You Should avoid while Guest Post Outreaching

Guest posting is considered to be one of the best inbound marketing strategies. Multiple surveys that have been carried out have proven that people perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible.

There are multiple mistakes that writers can make while guest posting, which results in them not getting enough traffic. Some of those mistakes may be:

Promoting own business

If you are lucky enough to get an opportunity to write for an esteemed blog or website, then you must be careful and not blow it away by writing about your business or product.

There’s a high chance that your post may not even be considered by the host.

If you are given a chance to write for a blog or website, then you must try your best to give out fresh and appealing content that is relevant and useful to the audience of the website or blog.

The content must most certainly be SEO-friendly and according to the needs of the host. This would create a good impression on the host and would encourage him to build a relationship with you, wherein you may get more such chances to write for him.

If the post is liked by the audience, they will eventually contribute to the traffic on your website as they would want to read more related posts that you have written.

Therefore, you must ensure that you do not just promote your own business during guest posting, but actually use the opportunity to leave an impact on the audience, to subsequently increase traffic onto your website.

Not linking back to your website

Not linking the post back to your website may be the biggest mistake that a guest blogger can do.

The prime purpose of guest blogging is to build relationships with other bloggers, to tap into their audience to eventually increase the traffic onto your website.

If you do not link the post back to your website, then the readers would not have any way to find you or to read more of your content.

Some sites may not allow the guest blogger to use links within the article, but only at the end. If such is the situation, then the author must provide a link in the author’s bio section.

However, if you are allowed to include links within your content, then you must use this opportunity to provide additional valuable resources to your readers. Additionally, you may even consider providing links to relevant articles on your website.

This way, you would provide extra information and also increase traffic back to the linked sites.

Low quality content

While guest posting, an author may not write up to his full potentials and may take it casually, which would be a huge mistake. There can be a temptation to contribute sub-par content when you are a guest blogger.

You may reason that this is primarily a method to attract more audience. This would only harm you.

There may be several negative impacts such as; the host may not ask you to write for his website or blog again.

Secondly, he may not even promote poor quality content. He may just shunt it away for better available content.

Finally, the readers are highly unlikely to click through to your site, because of the poor write-up.

The users want to read content which is useful and informative, not something written just for the sake of it.

Therefore, if you are not writing high quality content, then you might as well save yourself the time and effort that you would put in, coming up with the content, and just not contribute at all!

Targeting wrong or only top tier blogs

Many bloggers prefer targeting the top blogs in their niche while guest posting. This blogger outreach approach does make sense, because the top blogs provide ample exposure as compared to lesser known blogs.

However, sometimes targeting less popular blogs may also offer you significant leverage. Moreover, top blogs don’t usually guest post as frequently as the second tier blogs.

Hence, there remains no option but to turn to second tier blogs for gust posting. It is also easier to get featured in the second tier blogs than the top tier blogs due to this reason.

While guest posting, you must also ensure that you choose the correct type of blogs or websites, that is, the ones similar to your own.

This would prove beneficial when you link the post back to your website or blog. There would be relevant blogs available to link.

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