How can I operate multiple WhatsApp in a single phone?

Would you like to operate 2 or more WhatsApp accounts on your Android smartphone? Today I have developed few techniques for running several WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone. Today, with the original app that you downloaded from the Google Play store, you will be instructed to install and implement three or more Whatsapp apps. You don’t really have to root up or operate several WhatsApp accounts with problems on your phone.

WhatsApp is one of the largest online message systems that utilize web information to deliver messages to other customers, including text, pictures, videos, GIF, documents, user location, video clips, telephone and speech notices. You can have a video conversation with WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messenger is an encoded end-to-end software for smartphones.

How to run WhatsApp multiple accounts safely?

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Two WhatsApp

Make sure that you already have WhatsApp on your phone. 

Step 1. Download and enable Parallel Space App on your Android device. 

Step 2. Search for WhatsApp and open the app.

Step 3. Click on ‘ Add to Parallel Space ‘ and right-check on WhatsApp.

Step 4. When the method has finished, in Parallel, press and open up the WhatsApp. 

Step 5. You can now join your Parallel Space WhatsApp with any other number. And on your single phone, you can enjoy 2 WhatsApp accounts.

Three WhatsApp 

Make sure that you already have WhatsApp. 

Step 1. Download and activate your Android device’s Parallel Space Lite App. 

Step 2. Open the App & Search for WhatsApp.

Step 3. Just check the WhatsApp right now and click ‘Add to Parallel Space’. 

Step 4. When the method has finished, in parallel, press and open the WhatsApp.

Step 5. On your GBWhatsapp in Parallel Space lite, you can now enter any other number of your choice. And on your current mobile, you can enjoy three WhatsApp accounts.

Initial WhatsApp and two WhatsApp accounts created through Parallel Space and Parallel Space Lite applications.

Run four, five or more WhatsApp

We can only use this easy tactic to create stuff simpler and save device storage space. You can operate 4 WhatsApp accounts using this easy way by adding just 2 Clone Apps.

Step 1. On your device, download the Parallel Space App.

Step 2. Check the WhatsApp right and duplicate it.  Step 3. Open a WhatsApp to generate the first WhatsApp account, and register the required number.

Step 4. Once an app has been downloaded, e.g. from Google Play, the Go Multiple App.

Step 5. Open Go multiple applications, duplicate the WhatsApp and make a fresh WhatsApp.

Step 6. Now, open the Clone Go Multiple App and the Parallel Space App again.

Step 7. Open Go Multiple App and Clone WhatsApp in a Parallel Space App. Create a 3rd account for WhatsApp now.

Step 8. Open Go App Multiple drawers and clone the Parallel space app.

Step 9. Creating the 4th WhatsApp account under Parallel Space Clone.

Step 10. The first WhatsApp you purchased from Google Play Store already in your phone that enables the 5th WhatsApp account.

Note:  In Parallel Space App and Vice versa, you can clone Parallel Space Lite.

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