How To Fix The Information Store Error In Outlook?

How To Fix The Information Store Error In Outlook?

An outlook is a software by Microsoft which is an email client-server but offers various other features. Today many people like using Outlook as it is secure and multifunctional. But few errors can create issues while using Outlook. Few Outlook users face the information store error. They can’t open certain files on Outlook. For troubleshooting the error, users can try a few manual techniques.

Open Outlook in Safe mode

Before searching for solutions; check what is creating the error. Many times the user faces Outlook issues due to other files and programs. When you open Outlook in Safe mode; it will open alone.

  1. Open the run wizard and type Outlook/safe
  2. Press the hit button and uncheck the compatibility option
  3. Right-click on Outlook.exe and hit on Properties
  4. Go to the Compatibility tab
  5. Check the options and uncheck the Run in compatibility mode option

Tap on the Apply button and now check for the error. If your Outlook is getting an error due to a compatibility feature then using this technique will repair it. If Outlook is showing the same error then check for the Navigation pane file. The error occurs when navigation pane settings are corrupted due to some error. Type outlook.exe/resetnavpane on the run wizard and hit enter button. Now, wait and check for the error. If your Outlook is opening without any error on Safe mode then the Outlook is working correctly. Other programs or files are causing Outlook-related errors.

Try fixing Outlook’s PST file

Your Outlook sometimes shows an information store error when the PST files are not working. These files can get the error due to runtime errors on the system and shows an Outlook the information store cannot be opened error.



  1. Open file explorer and tap on the Outlook folder
  2. Choose the SCANPST.EXE file and open the repair tool
  3. Tap on Browse and hit on Outlook PST file
  4. Choose Start to scan

Select Repair and the tool will start searching for Outlook errors. After completing the scan, restart the device and check for errors.

Clean the computer junk

System junk such as temp files can create Outlook-related errors. Usually, these junk files don’t create any errors. They occupy the space and eat up the RAM. But when a user doesn’t remove them for a long time; they start interrupting other programs. When Outlook is showing you an error; check for these files. Open your temp folder and remove all files. Open the C drive and check for junk. Many times, the user forgets to remove the files of uninstalled programs. For removing all device junk at once; go for a clean manager. The tool will run on the system and check for files. The user will see the list on his desktop. You have to select items to delete. After removing those files, restart the system and open Outlook.

Scan the computer for malware

Viruses can also interrupt the normal functions of Outlook. When the user opens Outlook; malware starts interrupting its files. If Outlook is getting malware error then it can fix it when the user removes that malware from the system. But users can’t detect or remove those malicious programs without the tool. Check for a good malware removal tool. Get a premium antivirus or use Windows Defender. Scan your whole device and remove those viruses. After malware removal, restart your Outlook and try to access the files.

Try removing Lync from the startup

A few Outlook users quoted that removing the Lync fixes their Outlook-related error. If Outlook is showing an information store error then remove Lync from the system startup. Go to the Start-up tab from the task manager. Choose Lync and tap on the Disable button. Lync often conflicts with Outlook files. After removing it from startup; restart Outlook and try to access the information store.

Run the Microsoft Repair tool

Users can try fixing Outlook by running the MS repair tool. Many Outlook errors can be resolved by using it. Close all programs on the system and go to the Control Panel. Tap on Outlook and select Uninstall or change option and click on Repair. Now restart your Outlook on the system and check for the error message.

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