Download Deep Town Mining Factory Mod APK

Desiring to be a miner for a living?? Yes, we are offering you a deal to be a miner for your whole life but only virtually. 

Rock bite games developed one of the most popular mining android games among other mining games with the exception of having battles involved.

The astounding graphics and complicating, easy to adapt UI make it all the way better. 

You, artificial intelligence system, get to play as the head of all the bots that do your mining work to collect gems and money using high tech gadgets that include cryogenic freezing, fire blasts, driller bots and many more. But beware of the enemies that you might face in between the digging. 

If you get bored with digging in the same land over and over again, you have an option to build whatever you want and send your bots to go and explore the world outside to look for more land. 

As reviewed by various sites, the game seems to be fun only initially but as the levels get tougher, the building and upgrading the task becomes expensive and time-consuming leaving the player bored and tired.

To counter that downfall, You need the modded version of the game which will add unlimited money and weapons, spells and more fighting supplies for free. 

To download and install deep town Mining factory mod apk, we are helping you out by telling you the whole process. Continue reading.


You need to know all about Deep Town mining factory mod apk before installing the game. Hence, we are mentioning all the features below. Go through those and know for yourself how amazing the apk is. 

  1.   Interesting concept

There are a lot of mining and battling android games but deep town mining factory is a combination of both and holds a unique concept of mining under a destructed land using high tech digging equipment to collect cash, gems, jewels and all.

The whole digging is done by robots who are controlled by an artificial intelligence system that is the player. All of this while facing mini battles that are inevitable during the mining process. 

The concept of the game is interesting which is the main reason why it attracts the audience. 

  1.   Multiple zones

There comes a time in every gameplay that the gamer, after a well donated time to the game, gets bored because of the monotony of the same technique. But with Deep town mining factory mod apk, the developers made sure that you do not run out of the excitement every time you play it.

It offers multiple gaming zones. You can choose whatever zone you want to dig in and collect gems from. Not only that, this game has an immensely wide store which has numerous stuff for you to gather and buy. 

  1.   Graphics and UI

Deep town mining factory mod apk has simple yet detailed visuals that go amazingly well with the mining concept. The graphics attract you enough to be fully engaged in the game irrespective of what is happening around in real life. 

  1.   Unlimited coins and gems

Since you are the only player who is controlling the bots doing your mining work, you might feel collecting a considerable amount of gems and coins for tougher levels to be tedious.

You might feel like getting help and so we are here again for that. All you need to do is download the mod version than the regular one and you shall get unlimited gems and coins and all other material you require to build the beautiful castle of yours. 


Follow the steps mentioned below to download the mod version of the game. You shall see for yourself how easy it is to install the game. It will only take a few seconds to get the app in your android device. 

  1. First of all, install Deep Town from Google Play Store.
  2. Then click on OK to confirm the download. The download shall start as soon as you agree. 
  3. Once the download is complete, an installation page will appear on the device’s screen.
  4. Click on install to start the installation process. The installation shall start and it might take a few seconds for the installation to complete. 
  5. Now, install Lucky Patcher app and mod it using list of available patches.
  6. You can either open the game from the dropdown or you can search for the game icon and then open it to start playing.

Now that you have the Deep Town mod apk, you can start your first mining adventure right now! 



Deep Town Mod apk guarantees the gamer a good hearty mining and battle experience while offering mind-boggling graphics and sounds enough to fulfill your dream of being a miner.

The user interface is extremely easy to understand in spite of the fact that game has a large number of options and materials that revolves around the concept and is not clumsy even the slightest.

The player gets to be an artificial intelligence system which controls and manages the whole working of bots who do the mining and gathering. The game is good to pass your time for the long run and is recommended to be tried. 


If you are looking for a way to kill your free time with fun, Deep town – Mining Factory mod apk would just give help you with that.

The game revolves around the idea of the gamer to dig deep in the Earth’s crust (a land area which is already destroyed) to look for gems, metals, and jewels and build a town of robots that are led and controlled by a self-replicating AI and have to face combats with the rivalry.

Multiple modes are offered to the player. The jaw-dropping graphics and visuals and the added sound quality manage to leave the player with a good time for absolutely no cost. The game works smoothly without any hindrance on android and hence, must be tried without thinking twice.

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